AquaSweep™ Gravity Oil Water Separators are passive. This means the characteristics of the treated water are directly determined by those of the incoming oily water. The incoming water flow is directed through a series of coalescer materials, which separate the water from oil and other contaminants. The AquaSweep™ Oil Water Separator is designed to slow the force of the incoming water so it contacts the coalescer material which causes small oil particles to rise and collect into larger oil masses. These larger oil pools will separate to the surface of the water. Sludge and other matter will settle to the bottom of the tank compartment. The treated water exits the separator below the oil level for additional filtration and treatment or is returned to the environment. Oil and sludge within the separator are safely contained until they can be disposed of properly.

AquaSweep™ Oil Water Separator Specifications

  • Used to process storm water and wastewater runoff for compliance with US EPA Clean Water Act criteria
  • Tank capacities available from 300 to 20,000 gallons (1,100 to 75,700 liters)
  • Handles flow rates from 45 to 4,000 gallons per minute (170 to 15,140 liters per minute)
  • Rated effluent efficiency of 10 ppm on most models, and 5 ppm on select models
  • Optional double-wall and jacketed designs offer integral secondary containment which can be tested for tightness or continuously monitored for leaks
  • Primary storage tank and secondary containment compatible with a wide range of oils
  • Corrosion protection of exterior tank constructed to nationally-recognized UL and STI standards with strict third-party quality control inspection program
  • Customized manways can be provided for cost effective maintenance access
  • Liquid level sensors and control panels available to sense the oil level within the tank, and alert the operator when the oil needs to be removed
  • Several models available in compliance with STI specifications
  • AquaSweep™ Maintenance Instructions

Southern Tank will meet your storm water management needs with an AquaSweep™ Oil Water Separator that is customized and developed to meet your specific requirements. For more information, please submit our brief Oil Water Separator Online Questionnaire and we will contact you.