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Chemical Tank

Southern Tank has been manufacturing non-code, atmospheric-pressure chemical tanks for over twenty years. Chemical tanks can be horizontal, vertical, leg-supported vertical, or rectangular in design or you may choose to go the underground horizontal route instead.

Each chemical tank manufactured by Southern is custom built to meet your specific needs. Chemical tanks are fabricated from your choice of materials including carbon steel, pressure vessel quality carbon steel, various grades of stainless steel, and other alloys.

Chemical tanks fabricated from carbon steel can be lined or coated with a variety of rubberized linings or spray-on coatings to ensure compatibility with the specific chemical to be stored in the tank. A few examples of this are baked-on phenolic coatings for use with sulfuric acid service and simple epoxy coatings used in process water tanks.

Tank openings are designed and placed in accordance with our customers needs and specific applications. We can offer flanged nozzles or threaded openings as well as a variety of manways, internal drop tubes, insulation rings or other attachment tabs or lugs. Many different styles of heads are available such as flat flanged heads, flanged and dished heads, and conical heads. Horizontal chemical tanks can also be fabricated with multiple compartments to store more than one product in a single tank. When secondary containment is an issue Southern Tank can also offer chemical tanks in double-wall configurations — both above and underground.

When you have a need for a chemical tank, Contact the team at Southern Tank to discuss your project. We can design and fabricate a high quality “solution” that will give you years of worry free service.

Chemical Tank