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20,000 Gallon Single Wall Water Storage Tank

Southern Tank’s structurally superior steel tanks are an excellent choice when you need a water storage tank. Our tanks are shop fabricated for atmospheric pressure only and with proper maintenance the life expectancy of our steel water storage tanks is unlimited. Tanks without internal linings can be as small as 25 gallons and as large as 30,000 gallons. Lined tanks, requiring a manway, start at 550 gallons and again have a maximum capacity of 30,000 gallons.

We fabricate standpipes and reservoirs to AWWA standards. Sprinkler system tanks can be manufactured to NFPA 22 for private fire protection, or can be custom made to your specifications. Southern can also engineer your tank for wind or seismic loads as needed.

Water storage tanks can be aboveground or underground, horizontal, vertical or rectangular and made from carbon steel, lined carbon steel, or stainless steel. The tank heads can be flat, cone or flanged and dished. We can provide and fabricate piping connections, ladders, platforms, catwalks, handrails, internal heaters, agitators, insulating jackets, and other appurtenances.

20000 gal carbon steel water tank

Agricultural, industrial, residential and public service customers are some of the entities for whom we have manufactured water storage tanks. Uses include process tanks, leachate or wastewater collection systems, sprinkler tanks, and potable or non-potable water storage, just to name a few. Southern’s potable water storage tanks are fabricated to the highest standards to ensure a safe, contamination free environment.

Whether it’s ambient temperature, hot water, or cold water storage, Southern can engineer and fabricate a water storage tank to meet your needs – providing steel tank solutions for a cleaner tomorrow.

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