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Underground storage tanks are a viable option for your fuel, chemical or oily water storage. Safety, fire codes, aesthetics, limited available real estate for distance requirements, SPCC compliance or even fear of vandalism or tampering, these are all factors when you’re planning fuel or hazardous material storage. The EPA regulates the type of tank that can be buried. The sti- P3 tank design meets and exceeds those regulations for underground petroleum and chemical storage.

Most states now require secondary containment for new or replacement installations as mandated by the EPA (see for current regulations). The sti-P3® tank technology will satisfy this secondary containment requirement when constructed as a double-wall tank. All double-wall sti- P3® tanks are shipped with a vacuum applied to the interstice. The interstitial monitor pipe of the double-wall design also allows for easy leak detection either manually or electronically. Using a double wall tank and monitoring the interstitial area per the EPA criteria will allow for testing of the system to be reduced after the initial 6 month test to only after a qualifying event.

Sti- P3 ® tanks are available in capacities of 100 gallons to 20,000 gallons for a double-wall design, and up to 30,000 for single wall tanks. Available internal linings or inner tanks made from stainless steel allow you to store contaminated liquids, water, jet fuels and most chemicals safely underground. The sti-P3® can be constructed with multiple compartments, reverse flanged manways, extensions, sumps, internal ladders, hold down straps, etc. and special openings such as 150# flanges if required.

When you need to store fuel underground, contact Southern Tank and let us provide you with an sti-P3 steel underground storage tank – structural strength and time-tested reliability to protect your investments and our ground water.