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6000 Vertical API 650 Tank

Stainless steel tanks are often the best option for tough liquid storage needs in a corrosion free environment. Many chemicals are simply not compatible with a carbon steel tank and internal linings aren’t always the answer. Let the experienced professionals here at Southern Tank work with you to design a stainless steel tank that will best match the storage parameters of your product.

Southern Tank fabricates non-code, atmospheric-pressure stainless steel tanks in a variety of styles and configurations. This includes, but is not limited to, horizontal tanks, vertical tanks, leg supported vertical tanks, and rectangular tanks. Some of the stainless materials we use to fabricate our tanks and vessels include 304, 304L, 316, 316L, and other stainless steel alloys. In today’s volatile stainless steel market, Southern Tank looks for cost saving methods such as the use of carbon steel saddles on horizontal stainless steel tanks or carbon steel support legs on leg supported vertical stainless steel tanks by incorporating the use of stainless steel poison pads where the carbon steel and stainless steel meet on the liquid holding zones of the tanks. A variety of head styles, threaded fittings, flanged fittings and manways are also available. And that’s not all. If you have a need for non-food grade stainless steel hoppers or bins or any custom fabricated stainless steel item, let our dedicated team take a look at that as well.

Remember, when carbon steel won’t do and the job demands a stainless steel tank or other custom fabricated stainless steel item, contact Southern Tank andrequest a quote on your project. Let us shine for you!

(2) 550 gal and (1) 2000 gal horizontal double wall tanks made from 304 stainless steel for both the inner tank and outer wrap, on small tank saddles. Ladder and platforms shipping along with standard tank accessories (installed by others) to a military site.
25000 gallon double wall fuel tank