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265 Gallon Benchtop Tank with Rack for Mounting

Recycling of used oil is good for the environment and makes excellent business sense. When you need a safe solution for storing your used oil, Southern Tank can help. If you run a used oil collection center or utilize used oil to heat your facility, or if you are a generator of used oil, a used oil handler, processor, or re-refiner; Southern Tank can fabricate a used oil tank to meet your specific needs and help you comply with EPA’s used oil management standards as detailed in Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 279.

Nearly all of our tanks can be used for the storage of used oil. If you have size limitations, we can design a used oil tank to very specific shapes and sizes to fit your requirements. Most of the tanks can be manufactured to either UL-142 single-wall, Flameshield® or F921 double-wall, UL 2085 fire protected Fireguard®, or API650, Appendix J single-wall shop built tanks. Tanks are available in vertical, rectangular, horizontal or even obround design. These tanks can also be used to safely store your waste products until disposal.

From 25 gallons to 30,000 gallons, Contact Southern Tank today and let us help provide a steel tank solution to your used oil needs for a cleaner tomorrow.

265 Gallon Benchtop Tank