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Southern Tank manufactures a full line of generator tanks for storing fuel to be used in emergency or backup situations. The majority of our tank lines can be used for generator tank fuel supply storage. Examples are the Above Ground Fireguard®, Flameshield®, standard double-wall and single-wall tanks in rectangular and cylindrical designs.

After Hurricane Katrina hit, Southern Tank was one of the many tank manufacturers called upon by FEMA, private contractors and many other entities to quickly supply emergency generator tanks to store fuel for much needed remote power supply. In the years since, Southern Tank continues to supply generator tanks in hard-hit areas at permanent installations of emergency backup power supply sites. From hospitals to 911 centers, Southern’s emergency and backup generator tanks are “behind the scenes” working hard to keep the power on.

Southern Tank also manufactures the Steel Tank Institute Gen~Tank, a low profile rectangular generator base tank design with capacities up to 13,000 gallons. It is available in UL-2085 fire-protected Fireguard®, fire-resistant Flameshield®, UL-142 listed double-wall or single-wall, with a load bearing capacity of 6,000 pounds per attachment point. The Fireguard® design is available with internal supports with a load-bearing capacity up to 17,500 lb. per support beam.

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Double Wall Generator Tanks for Texas