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6,000 Gallon Double Wall Horizontal Tank

Southern Tank manufactures a complete line of horizontal tanks ranging in capacities from 25 gallons up to 30,000 gallons. Our smallest diameter tank is 24 inches and our largest diameter tank is 12 feet. Tanks are made of carbon or stainless steel, can be single or double-wall, and are available in a wide range of exterior coatings and colors. Interior linings are optional as well to suit your specific product needs and compatibility. Most horizontal tanks are built and labeled to UL and/or Steel Tank Institute (STI) standards, but some are built without a UL label usually for our off-road or farm accounts. ALL tanks are leak tested per UL 142 recommended procedures. A variety of UL approved supports is available for our horizontal tanks (see Tank Accessories) so that all seismic zone requirements can be satisfied.

Double-Wall Tanks

The overwhelming majority of double-wall tanks are the Type I variety. Type I double-walls are tight-wrapped meaning there is intimate contact of the inner and outer tanks. Southern Tank manufactures these tanks daily to the UL 142 standard as well as the Steel Tank Institute F921 standard. We first build a UL 142 inner tank and then wrap it with a UL 142 outer tank for secondary containment. Both inner and outer tanks are leak tested as is the interstice – the area between the two tanks. This interstice is tested by applying a vacuum of 18” Hg and holding it a minimum of 2 hours. Type I double-wall tanks comply with most local, state, and federal codes and jurisdictions. The fire-resistant Flameshield® is also a Type I double-wall tank. The fire-protected Fireguard®is a Type II double-wall tank with a thermal lightweight insulation material in the interstice. A Type II double-wall tank has a measurable and consistent space between the inner and outer tanks, but it doesn’t necessarily require the insulating material. Southern Tank can also supply all required equipment to trim your tanks such as emergency vents, spill containment buckets, gauges, pumps, and so on.

Customizing To Your Specific Needs

Southern Tank has been manufacturing standard horizontal tanks (see chart here) for SEVENTY-NINE years. But we know that every customer has needs specific to their project or application. We understand that you require openings in locations that don’t always conform to the standard tank that might be in our inventory. Or maybe you have an issue involving height and space. Not a problem. Most orders we take are custom built with your specific needs in mind. We want to do everything we can to work with you in helping to provide steel tank solutions for a cleaner tomorrow!

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Note Regarding Maximum Allowable Double-Wall Capacity In Your Area