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Southern Tank manufactures vertical storage tanks to both the UL 142 and API 650 standards. We shop build our vertical tanks in capacities ranging from 150 to 30,000 gallons when building to the UL 142 standard and in capacities up to 35,000 gallons when building to the API 650 standard. The maximum diameter of our vertical tanks is 12 feet with a maximum shell height of 35 feet if UL 142 and 12 feet by 45 feet if API 650.

Southern vertical tanks are used to store a wide range of products including chemicals, alcohol, ethanol, biodiesel, bulk petroleum products, water (both potable and non-potable), liquid fertilizers, de-icer, paints and coatings, inks, and many other industrial/commercial items. Additionally, our vertical tanks are used to store dry bulk products such as sand, pelletized lime, and other materials. Southern vertical tanks are made from either carbon or stainless steel, and can be single-wall, double-wall (bottom and shell) or double bottom. Vertical tanks may also be fabricated as the fire-resistant Flameshield® or the fire-protected Fireguard®, both double-wall constructions. A wide variety of custom exterior coatings and colors are available. Interior linings are optional to suit your specific product needs and compatibility. I-beam supports (see Tank Accessories) are available to help you comply with SPCC inspection requirements.

Southern vertical tanks are manufactured to the UL 142 or API 650, appendix J standards for shop-built tanks. All tanks are leak tested per UL 142 recommended procedures. The majority of Southern vertical tanks are built with a flat bottom, but other options are available, including dished, cone or sloped bottoms. Leg or skirt supports can be incorporated as well and both can be designed to meet seismic zone requirements.

Southern Tank also manufactures standard access ladders, OSHA caged ladders with platforms as required, handrails and toe-boards, stairways, and complete catwalk systems for tank farms – large or small.

For a listing of standard capacities, dimensions, and construction materials click here.

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crane unloading large vertical tank
30,000 gallon single wall tank