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10,000 Gallon UL-142 Double Wall Flameshield Tank

Southern Tank is a leading manufacturer of secondary containment tanks. Whether they are F921 double-wall, Flameshield®, Fireguard®, or a UL-142 single-wall tank with an F911 containment basin, Southern Tank’s steel secondary containment tanks will give you the peace of mind you need when it comes to storing your chemical, petroleum, and other liquid products. Southern’s secondary containment tanks will also meet the SPCC compliancerequirements for secondary containment of 112.7(c) and the bulk storage secondary containment requirements found at 112.8 (c)(2).

Dual Wall Secondary Containment

Over the past 15 years, Southern Tank has seen an enormous increase in the above ground tank market, especially the demand for dual wall secondary containment tanks. Easily relocated, clean, no contaminated drainage to worry about disposing of, dual wall secondary containment tanks are the preferred method of above ground liquid storage.

First we build a UL 142 inner tank and then wrap it with a UL 142 outer tank to create a secondary containment tank. Precipitation and other matter cannot enter the outer wrap therefore eliminating the need for the typical “110% capacity” most jurisdictions require. Should an improbable leak occur, the stored product will seek its own level in the interstice (the area between the two tanks) and cannot exit the outer wrap. The primary tank and the outer tank of every secondary containment tank we fabricate are tightness tested prior to leaving our shop. A 2″ schedule 40 “monitoring” pipe in the interstitial space allows for on-site testing required by NFPA 30 and other compliance codes in addition to providing a means for continual leak detection. Dual wall tanks are available in rectangular, horizontal, and vertical shapes and in sizes and capacities to fit your storage needs. Type I, the majority of dual wall tanks (tight wrap) or Type II (a measurable and consistent space between the two tanks) are available options.

If your local code calls for a UL 2085 fire-protected storage tank, the Southern Tank Fireguard® will meet all the requirements with its insulated interstice and minimum 2 hour fire rating. The Flameshield® is an economical secondary containment solution when a fire-resistant tank is mandated. Any dual wall secondary containment tank can be custom fabricated per your specifications.

F911 Secondary Containment Dikes

While the majority of facilities use dual wall secondary containment tanks to meet compliance codes, there is still a demand for containment dikes. Southern Tank manufactures the F911 dike and UL 142 tank as a unit or can provide a stand alone dike built to fit your existing tank. Southern Tank containment dikes are perfect when your company requires tertiary containment for use around a dual wall tank. Containment dikes can provide impermeable suppression of any spills or overfill events around your tank whether it is single or double-wall. Pumps and fill systems can both be contained inside the dike. Custom platforms and pump shelves can be added inside or outside the diking area.

When you need secondary containment for your new or existing tank system, contact Southern Tank for solid-steel peace of mind.

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