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SPCC compliance rules are now in effect for most qualified facilities, however Farmers have a new extended deadline. If your agricultural facility has fuel tanks and oil tanks meeting the Qualified Facility criteria you now have until May 10, 2013 to have a plan in place addressing the potential for a discharge of oil which will require some form of secondary containment.

Southern Tank’s secondary containment tanks, whether they are F921 double-wall, Flameshield®, Fireguard®, or a UL-142 single-wall tank with an F911 containment basin, meet the SPCC compliance requirements for secondary containment of 112.7(c) and the bulk storage secondary containment requirements found at 112.8 (c)(2). The EPA recognized that shop-built double-wall above ground storage tanks, when installed properly with overfill prevention measures and monitored product transfers, have a very low occurrence of discharges and provide superior environmental protection to other containment systems. Southern Tank’s double-wall AST’s have an interstitial space that can be monitored allowing the operator to detect any unlikely discharges and to comply with monthly inspection requirements. Southern also provides a variety of elevated supports, which allow you to examine all sides of the storage tank, including the bottom, possibly eliminating the need for the costly and invasive integrity tests mandated for tanks in contact with the ground (40 CFR 112.8 (c)(6)).

Southern Tank also manufactures the UL 2215 listed AquaSweep® Gravity Oil Water Separator. It is available in single-wall and double-wall designs, both aboveground and underground construction. The AquaSweep® will treat your facility storm water and wastewater pollution discharge. Not only will Southern’s AquaSweep® help you meet US EPA Phase II NPDES permit limits, but it can also be used to meet certain SPCC compliance requirements for secondary containment under 40 CFR part 112. It provides environmental protection equivalent to the requirements under 112.8(b)(3) to retain oil at your facility in the event of an uncontrolled discharge. With a wide-range of capacities, flow rates and effluent discharge efficiency levels offered, Southern Tank will work with you to ensure you are in full compliance.

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