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6000 Gallon Double Wall Skid Tank

Southern Tank can fabricate a variety of skid tanks to suit your fuel or chemical storage needs. From tanks with box skid runners to skid tanks used at construction sites with heavy pipe skids for maximum mobility*, we can design a tank to fit your location requirements.

Skid tanks are perfect for most any application when fabricated to comply with your local fire code. Skid tanks can be non-labeled, single-wall UL 142,Flameshield®, Fireguard®, F921 double-wall, or even rectangular. Custom modifications are available such as pull bars or eyes*, extended skids with platforms for equipment mounting (see photo at Above Ground Storage Tanks), skids with ends that are open or closed, flat or tapered, etc. Baffles can be added to diminish product turbulence. Fork tube access can be added to your skid tank making it even more versatile and accessible. Southern also offers a removable angle iron skid that is banded to a cylindrical tank.

550 Gallon Double Wall Skid Tank

Southern Tank’s skid tanks allow for a wide range of options and modifications compatible with most any liquid storage need. We normally have skid tanks 1100 gallons and under in stock and ready for immediate pick up or delivery. Skid tanks larger than 1100 gallons up to 20,000 gallons can be fabricated upon your request. Truckload quantities of smaller skid tanks such as 300, 550, and 1100 gallons will be quoted on your request.

A variety of other supports are available (see Tank Accessories).

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*Tanks bearing the UL 142 label are intended for stationary aboveground use only. Tanks not built expressly to withstand the added stress of movement when they contain product are to be used as stationary tanks only. Do not attempt to lift a skid tank that contains product unless the lifting apparatus has been engineered to withstand the weight. Tanks are NOT D.O.T. approved and are NOT for use over the road.

550 GallonUL 142 Tanks