(Click to Enlarge)EquipmentMaximum Load or Capacity
Press BrakePress Brake90 Ton – 12′ Long
Sub Arc WelderSub Arc Welder
Plate ShearPlate Shear3/16″ Plate Thickness x 6′
Plate ShearPlate Shear1/4″ Plate Thickness x 8′
Plate RollPlate Roll5/8″ Plate Thickness x 10′
Plate RollPlate Roll1/4″ Plate Thickness x 12′
Plate RollPlate Roll10 Gauge Plate Thickness x 6′
FlangerFlanger3/8″ Plate Thickness x 12′ Diameter
Offset FlangerOffset Flanger3/8″ Plate Thickness
Overhead CranesOverhead Cranes7 Tons
Circle Shear3/8″ Plate Thickness x 12′ Diameter
Fork Lift4 Tons
Fork Lift10 Ton
Yard Crane15 Ton
PunchPunch5/8″ thru 1/2″ Plate Thickness
Angle ShearAngle Shear6″ x 6″ x 1/2″
Cut-Off SawCut-Off Saw6″ x 6″
Iron WorkerIron Worker
Semi-Auto and Arc Welders200 to 600 Amps
Metal, Inert Gas Weldersto 600 Amps
Semi-Auto Torches14 Gauge thru 1″ Plate Thickness