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850 gallon leg supported cone bottom tank in custom color

Southern Tank has been manufacturing custom tanks for over 25 years. When we started our company in 1937, our focus was on small petroleum tanks and other items that were needed at the time. But during the last few decades we have fabricated some interesting and diverse custom tanks to meet our customers’ needs.

One example is a bullet recovery tank we made for a state law enforcement agency. This tank was made of type 304 stainless steel. It was filled with water then had a bullet fired into an opening provided on one end. The water stopped the bullet and allowed for its safe recovery, inspection, and analysis by ballistics experts.

Other custom tanks we make frequently are condensate and dirty oil tanks used in the cleaning and maintenance of industrial equipment and/or heavy vehicles. These tanks serve as holding tanks for grease, chemicals and other hazardous waste until it can be disposed of properly or treated accordingly. They might be Type I or Type II double-wall tanks with dished or flat heads and may require lining depending on the composition of the product being stored.

Still more examples of custom tanks manufactured by Southern include truck mounted tanks, oil field storage tanks, sprinkler tanks, surge bins, asphalt sealer tanks, oil reservoirs, open top mixing tanks, culverts, feed troughs, perfume tanks, even steel duck blinds! We’ve made “disc and donut” assemblies that shipped to China and Brazil. The bottom line is if it’s made of carbon or stainless steel send us the plans or a sketch and we can build it. We can certainly take a look at it and provide you a competitive quote.

Bullet Recovery Custom Tank

Southern Tank is a “can-do” company not limited to just standard cylindrical or rectangular tanks.

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