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550 Gallon Oilfield Tank

Currently there are a vast number of oil and gas formations in shale plays being explored all across the US and Canada. You know the names – Bakken in the Williston Basin, Permian, Eagle Ford, Niobrara, Marcellus, Barnett, Haynesville, Arkoma, Woodford, all of which are synonymous with oil and natural gas. Every day new oil and gas wells are being drilled in large numbers as we move closer toward our goal of energy security. As a result of all of this production, there is a huge demand for all kinds of oilfield tanks. Fresh oil tanks and fuel storage tanks are needed to keep trucks rolling, to keep heavy construction equipment operating, to power machinery for moving dirt, for servicing drill rigs and fracturing equipment, and for building infrastructure. Used oil tanks and waste oil storage tanks are also in high demand.

Whether you’re a local oil jobber, petroleum equipment distributor, major oil and gas exploration company, heavy equipment and construction operation, or any company that requires environmentally safe liquid storage, Southern Tank can provide you with the oilfield tank you need to get the job done. We specialize in shop-built double wall tanks for safe liquid storage with secondary containment that will meet most fire codes and EPA regulations and allows our customer’s businesses to be in SPCC compliance.

OSHA Approved Catwalks

Drilling and oil production requires a large variety of storage tanks. At Southern Tank, we fabricate oilfield tanks and oil well production tanks built to API 12F specifications. Our mixing tanks, condensate tanks, produced water storage tanks, slop oil tanks, and of course diesel tanks or gasoline tanks are all built to UL 142 specifications in single wall or double wall construction. We can also provide the OSHA approved stairways, walkways and caged ladders that are required for your API 12F tanks and bulk storage tanks. While WE DO NOT BUILD FRAC TRAILERS, we can provide frac tanks for waste liquids in any configuration. Proper storage of the flowback from the hydraulic fracturing process is important to our environment. We’re here to help with oilfield tanks that provide safe storage for recycling or disposal of fracturing waste.

Southern Tank’s double wall tanks are perfect for use at well pad sites, temporary construction sites or for permanent installations. If you need a fuel storage tank or lubricant tank that needs to be moved to multiple locations within your job-site, we can help you there too by adding one or more baffles inside your tank to reduce sloshing and promote safer relocation of your tanks. We also have pre-engineered caged tank constructions that allow for lifting tank units full of product which normally cannot be done safely with most storage tanks. See picture in right hand margin.

At Southern Tank, we build quality oilfield tanks every day in various sizes ranging from 150 to 30,000 gallons in both horizontal and vertical configurations and UL 142 labeled. We build to the Steel Tank Institute’s F921, Flameshield andFireguard standards for double wall secondary containment tanks.

Whether you need one tank or a trailer-load, Southern Tank’s highly skilled production team is ready to meet the needs of your business.

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Caged Tank